@craigmaloney Agree with your article. I might argue that Google has not abandoned RSS at all. Just abandoned RSS Reader. They still track a lot of the usage and popularity of it since most of the big blogs have not moved away from feedproxy.google.com And that is still working perfectly "fine".


part of the problem is the "popularity" of formats readable through the services of large companies

If the format is not that accessible then the incentive to use it fades, to some people, becuse they're not in the game for political advances, but to get rewarded for their rich kids games

@abbienormal My argument is that if we let companies lead the way we lose.

We don't have to let them lead every single dance.

@craigmaloney i can tell already this is going to echo a lot of my own sentiments (despite, admittedly, consistently failing to keep up with my RSS reader)

@craigmaloney @maffsie I absolutely agree with this and I’ve been happy to see a resurgence of interest in rss/atom lately despite the “common knowledge” that it’s dead. I hope the indieweb movement doesn’t fizzle out due to apathy.

@craigmaloney @maffsie also I need to work on rm.beesbuzz.biz again, it’s a fun proof of concept but it could be so much better.

@fluffy @craigmaloney sorta similar to my insistence that any blog-type platform I use, must have XML-RPC support rather than its own API
sadly XML-RPC as a (vaguely) standardised protocol for writing software to communicate with publishing software seems to be even more abandoned than RSS

RSS is still relevant in many places. I use NextCloud on an RPi4 to host a feed reader that pulls in over a hundred different RSS feeds from INFOSEC to Role-playing Game info. It's very much alive in my life.

@craigmaloney Yeah, that reminds me I need to get around to ginning up a feed for the wiki that I didn't intend to become a blog but yet somehow has become a blog anyway.

@craigmaloney Great read! For anyone else reading the thread: what's a good suggestion for providing a RSS feed for your website that's simple to implement? Is there any way to do it on a Github/Gitlab page?

@andycuccaro @craigmaloney That depends on how your page is generated - in the end, it's just a bunch of files that are made available. On GitHub Pages, you're likely using Jekyll, and all you need to do is enable the jekyll-feed plugin: pages.github.com/versions/

@andycuccaro @vinnl You're both fixing a problem for an author that isn't on Mastodon and will never read this solution.

@craigmaloney @andycuccaro As long as it's to the benefit of people who *are* on Mastodon, I'm happy :)

@craigmaloney @andycuccaro @vinnl I agree with the problem, but at least in this example there is light at the end of the tunnel! Github has built-in functionality to generate RSS feeds, so you don't need to contact the author of that blog.

Subscribe to this url: `github.com/{user}/{repository}/commits/{branch}/{path-to-file-or-folder?}.atom`

It is not ideal, but I use it for a couple of repositories and it's better than nothing.

@craigmaloney @andycuccaro @vinnl And funny enough, I've been for holidays a couple of weeks and there is no way I'd had read this blog post without your RSS feed :).

@noeldemartin That's pretty cool, thanks! It seems Gitlab offers very similar functionality. I'm a noob regarding webdev and I don't know much yet, but I wonder if it could be possible to offer a rss feed for a website hosted as a Gitlab Page... 🤔

@craigmaloney The good thing is that, being open and independent, it can never *really* die. You might no longer be able to subscribe to every site with it, but there will always be some sites that support it, because nobody can stop them.

I added an RSS feed for something as simple as endorsements of academic articles, more out of principle than with a specific use case in mind, and someone actually set that up so their endorsements were automatically Tweeted. RSS is most definitely not dead!

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