True confessions:

Sometimes prog metal really bores me.

note: This is not a request for more or different music. I shouldn't have to post this but invariably someone will recommend something. I'm sure that band that sings with the voice of Italian Opera and uses a saxophone in some unique way is the most brilliant thing you've heard since Christ was a corporeal, but I've heard a lot of it, and much like a guitar solo album (Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Jeff Beck) they all start to blend together.

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@craigmaloney I don't remember having that problem, with the replies I mean. I'm a mix of jealous (at least people reply and try to help!) and relieved (thank Hendrix I don't have to suffer those replies) 😅😂

@craigmaloney this the real shit right here. I feel this way about classic rock. If all the reason stations would play any music from NOT 1960 thru 1985 I would be so happy.

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