God bless the Apple fan-folks:

"You might ask why you should spend $8 on a calculator app whose only appeal has nothing to do with functionality and everything to do with gimmicky nostalgia. To you I say, you don’t know how to properly squander $8."

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@craigmaloney the download is larger than the size of a single floppy on the original Mac. I wonder why the bloat. ;)

@craigmaloney on a side note -- anyone know the details of how desk accessories worked in pre-multitasking Mac OS? I should look it up... does it inject code into the running app's process or something or was it a special case of a separate process that could run while a main app was running?

I can probably search this stuff, will later. ;)

"However, since on the early Mac OS drivers did not have any special privileges, writing a DA was, with practice, no more difficult than any other application."

ccccuuuuurrrrrssseeddd operating system

@brion @craigmaloney i have plenty of nolstagia for old-timey Mac OS, but even as a kid with no mental model whatever of what was happening under the hood, the cursedness sure was evident in the user experience.

for everything i find loathsome about modern computing, i think we forget sometimes what it was like when you could reasonably expect that everything you used would crash hard a couple of times a day...

@brennen @brion Yeah, I've been reading accounts of folks using the Amiga and "crashing" seems to come up an awful lot.

I mean, I get it. I did some strange things with a 286 trying to get it to multitask. it was magic when it worked, and like most magic it was too good to be true for any length of time.

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