Me: I really can't get into Glorantha

Also me: (buys one more supplement for Glorantha).

What is wrong with me?

@craigmaloney My next book: The Mediocre Game Master. Buying stuff and not reading it. Reading stuff and not running it. Running stuff and not liking it. Been there, done that. 😔

@kensanata @craigmaloney Writing stuff and not playtesting, running, or publishing it. My Play folder is a graveyard of writing…

@craigmaloney I borrowed the big Glorantha book from a friend a few years ago but ended up not reading more than a handful of pages. Somewhat sad, but also – if it’s not “mine” it’s just in that weird place we’re prepping for a game takes too much time and reading for entertainment does not compare to reading other books. I think. Not sure. 🤔

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