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"On June 22, 2014, Atari announced a new corporate strategy that would include a focus on "new audiences", specifically "LGBT, social casinos, real-money gambling, and YouTube".[56]"

Pretty sure the LGBT thing got crowded out by the "continued focus on its "robust licensing business" for hardware and apparel." piece since that's about their only core competency.

(I call it the Atari Estate because it's about the equivalent of the Conan Doyle Estate: looking for a branding edge)

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Pretty sure LGBT in this case means "Litecoin, G-Coin, Bitcoin, and Titcoin".

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atari, LGBT 

@craigmaloney I only refer to the grifters as Infogrames Fr, or "The walking corpse of Atari". At least the rights to Atari's games are in saner hands.

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