Lovinng how folks eoueve that the Apple Silicon won't be a completely locked down platform because it's macOS. It'll be adorable when they're disabused of that notion.

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@craigmaloney Even MacOS has been getting progressively more locked down. I'm convinced that the only reason Macbooks are not more locked down is not because of anything inherent to MacOS, but because they're targeted at developers who will only tolerate so much of that. But they seem to tolerate more and more with every update.

@craigmaloney Hasn't happened yet, and given that the main point of a Mac is dev tools and pro tools, and they've stated how it works, that's just linux paranoia.

People have DTKs now and can run clang to make any binary they want. It's fine.

@craigmaloney at this point it's just a cult of belief. People will live and die by their belief it's better, especially when it's a locked down nightmare.

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