Alright, here we go. I have struggled to make myself learn Python for years. I got a fair ways into it, but never actually _used_ it, so it has never stuck.
Udemy offered me the Complete Python Course for $12, so what the heck... maybe a video course will help keep me going by giving me something to focus on.

This is also my first Udemy course, so that'll be something.

Python's difficult for me because my go-to language has been Perl for over 20 years, and the two languages occupy the exact same space for me. (Writing command-line tools and back-end server stuff.) It doesn't put anything new in my toolbox (like Go would), but the industry has really moved toward Python over Perl. Perl doesn't even show up on anybody's radar anymore (despite how much it's still in use)... Python and Ruby have basically eradicated it.

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@CarlCravens LMK if you have questions. I've made the transition from Perl to Python so I have some insight into the process.

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