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I find it interesting that the Cthulhu Mythos is pretty much the closest we have to a shared culture in gaming and literature. it's one of the few things that hasn't been overrun by corporate interests and (let's be honest) Disney.

I mean, yes, HP Lovecraft was a racist, full-stop. And some of his creatures reflect that racism. I get that completely. But it's telling that a mythos from the 1910s-1920s is what we get to call our own.

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lovecraft, public domain, culture 

You want another mythos? Get some folks to release their IP in the public domain or CC-BY. That's how you change the culture.

(First person to recommend Pepper&Carrot to me gets to re-read the credits of the latest episode. 😁 )

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@craigmaloney I never made the connection that your avatar was a Carrot derivative (even though it's prominently mentioned in your about text), I had assumed it had something to do with the automatic-cat-avatar plugin in Friendica through some convoluted path. 😀

@clacke Interesting fact: my avatar isn't able to be generated by the Cat Avatar generator of @davidrevoy, because I hacked it to give me multiple items, including the coffee cup that is barely visible. 😁

@craigmaloney @davidrevoy Woah! So both things were kind of true at the same time!

You didn't use the Friendica plugin, but it and yours have shared ancestry:

# Friendica Cat Avatar Generator Addon Generate a default avatar based on David Revoy's cat-avatar-generator…

@clacke @davidrevoy Yep. Mine was an afternoon of tinkering and hasn't been released, though. 😁

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@craigmaloney I saw an article yesterday that the Conan Doyle estate is suing Netflix for showing Sherlock Holmes being emotional and respecting women, which he only did in the later books that are still under copyright.

Um . . .

Sherlock Holmes, public domain, culture 

@naga Honestly if I never hear "The Conan Doyle Estate" ever again it will be too soon.

Sherlock Holmes, public domain, culture 

@craigmaloney Are they notorious for this kind of nonsense?

Sherlock Holmes, public domain, culture 

@naga Oh yes:

They're the epitome of "if we can't control everything related to our distant relative then we will literally cease to exist and we can't have that".

Sherlock Holmes, public domain, culture 

@naga Even better, there's another group that is just as "licensing" of stuff that should solidly be in the public domain:

So you have two groups that lay claim.

Sherlock Holmes, public domain, culture 

@craigmaloney The techdirt link indicates they has some . . . interesting legal theories.

That are only at issue at all because of US Congress shamelessness.

Sherlock Holmes, public domain, culture 

@naga They had help, since Conan Doyle isn't from the USA. The UK got in on it as well and made a mess of it.

And now I wouldn't touch Sherlock Holmes with a ten-foot pole.

(More details:

Sherlock Holmes, public domain, culture 

@craigmaloney Yeah. I was thinking of the US's position on character *ah-ah-Mickey-choo* copyrights.

Sherlock Holmes, public domain, culture 

@naga Funny thing: There's such a thing as too much control over a character, so eventually Hollywood will stop making Holmes-related stuff because it's too much of a pain.

Much like the image of "Rosie the Riveter" isn't the more popular (at the time) version by Normal Rockwell. Eventually it fades from consciousness and becomes a quaint footnote for the old folks and the idle-curious.

That's my hope, anyway.

Sherlock Holmes, public domain, culture 

@craigmaloney Yeah. With CDE arguing some *traits* of the public domain character are under copyright--that's just fishing for a settlement.

Sherlock Holmes, public domain, culture 

@naga @craigmaloney 🍬 Why can't your planet have a sensible copyright system where heirs get nothing? 🍬

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