TFW xsnow is still actively developed.

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@craigmaloney xlander was a pretty simple lunar-landing game, but its delay was specified by something that scaled very quickly with CPU speed, such that it was effectively unplayable.

xglobe and wmglobe were cute widgets that displayed a map of the Earth, 3-D rendered to a sphere, with the day/night/terminator visible. A great way to show time around the world. Relied on a nonfree rendering library though, AFAIR.

Both fun, not hugely important, though I miss them.

@dredmorbius I remember the *globes, and (like all X programs) used them as backgrounds before Nautilus took over the root window.

I have a learned dislike for lunar lander games. See also: Gravatar. If I never play another one ever again I'll be content. 😁

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