I've made the decision to make a formal release of my book "The Mediocre Programmer" and keep it free for now. I was thining of making it available so folks could give me some $$ for it on various sites, but honestly I just need to get this out and get it off of my plate so I can focus on other things. Plus it's more of a book that I want to change the culture of programming and the way to change that culture is to the same way that my computing culture was changed: by sharing freely.

So I'll spend this weekend to fix up the site and get it polished for a formal release, upload it to (where quality books are downloaded), and possibly upload it to one or more of the Free Computer Books troves that are out there.

And then that's it. It'll be "released" into the wild. I hope it spreads.

I'll make a more formal announcement soon. If you want to help promote it I'd appreciate it if folks read it and posted it to their various communities.

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In some ways I'm releasing it like Linus released Linux back in the 1990s: posting to the Usenet of our day with an offer for folks to check out this project that I've been working on.

We'll see where this leads.

(If you want to check out the soft-launch version it's at

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I just learnt about this and I'm pretty excited for having more on a readable format.
Thank you for adopting a license that also helps lower multiple barriers, included but not limited to accessibility and human languages.

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