Remember, folks: Oracle is a horrible company:

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"In a corporate blog yesterday, Oracle attacked 83 computer scientists (including 13 Turing Award winners) who signed an amicus brief defending our right to reimplement APIs, on the grounds that some of us accepted research grants from Google."

@craigmaloney I wonder if Oracle management are aware how much they are polluting the water they drink from. But I suppose Ellison et al. don't necessarily care as long as they see the potential for billion dollar payouts in their life times.

I also wonder how this is impacting Oracle's ability to hire technical staff, but I'd probably be depressed if I actually knew the answer to that.

@cstanhope Pretty sure Oracle couldn't give a toss about the community. They likely feel that regardless of what they do there will still be companies paying for the database and buying Java licenses.

@cstanhope Though honestly I think it's irresponsible to make anything on the JVM anymore until this gets sorted, at the very least. Oracle has already demonstrated they're not above altering the deal in their favor.

@craigmaloney Absolutely. I sincerely hope that people that need to are following this.

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@craigmaloney They still at it? I thought they lost the API wars with the Java/Android/Dalvik stuff yonks ago.

@craigmaloney ah yes, my favorite "we want to own and control every java implementation, but we also don't want to invest a single cent in maintaining java" company
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