Wow, Github's new notifications beta feature was really jarring. Felt like reading someone's half-read, half-new Outlook inbox. Do not want.

@craigmaloney Github in general is jarring, especially the UI redesign they’ve been working on. Much prefer something like gitlab these days. Funny how open source projects are better at appealing to open source devs.

@craigmaloney I mean it's fundamentally the same?? It's just now in full width, has filters and doesn't throw notifications away by default (you have to mark them done)?

It's actually a shame that they decided to not use previews (you can see it during presentation: and now they just load page in a frame with buttons on top of it :(

I still like it more. You probably have to get used to it at first.

@sasha_sorokin It defaults to showing everything non-grouped by project, so anything that I'm subscribed to has the same priority as things that I'm working on. Also it defaulted to showing me read and unread.

Sorry, but that's a non-starter for me. Full-stop. I opted out and let them know.

It basically turns my notifications into an inbox. Thank you, but I already have an inbox; one that I can archive items and get them out of my face. If your inbox-alike can't do that for me then I'm done.

@Gargron @craigmaloney dunno, for me new notifications work better, and it's kinda strange to complain that they are inbox-alike, all notifications centers are inbox-alike, there's just not always options to save for later, marking as read/unread and such staff.

Guess they just have to add one switch in settings between “Organized mode” (beta) and “Simplistic” (current) one to make everyone happy.

@craigmaloney I'm just interested in when we will get a dark mode

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