Hey all,

2020 is just around the corner and during this holiday season there are a lot of folks right here on the fediverse that are struggling to keep up with day-to-day things.

If someone is making something you like (toots, artwork, music, whatever) and if you have the means please consider heading to someone's profile and see if they have a Patreon or a Liberapay account listed. Even something small every month can help.

Help a Fedi out.

If you'd like to highlight someone that you're helping, or if you yourself need some help and are OK with making that public please feel free to use to promote ways folks can help you.

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hope the best for you all. Keep on believing and foreseeing.
Should the fediverse be a place where you can find, not all the answer, but the best we can give you to help.
No one should feel alone.



@shellkr @eliotberriot

Neat, but not sure why it needs access to all of my account's data to work. That's a bit much to ask for an application that is ostensibly just searching profiles for donation links.

@shellkr @eliotberriot Ah, the "About" page has more details on what's done with the data. Clever. Might want to highlight that first. 😁

@craigmaloney @eliotberriot I think it is honest to do so... but, yeah it could probably just scrape it. Still a very useful tool made by the same guy that created Funkwhale. ;)

@shellkr @craigmaloney suggestions are based on your activity on the platform, that's why Retribute needs read-only access to your accounts, so it can grab your favorites and order the suggestions based on that.

We're working on a small standard/protocal to get rid of this part, meaning future versions could work without direct access to your account though !

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