Folks, the one thing that solved was not "RSVPs for events", it was getting events in front of a motivated community and promoting them. Rebuilding the RSVP functionality isn't going to wrestle anyone from Meetup's new changes. What we need are folks who are willing to try out alternatives and report back to their community on what works best for them. already exists and has users on it. Try that first and let's get the "community" part of meetup started.

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@craigmaloney A common element of virtually *all* online services (and much software and technology generally) is MINDSHARE.

That's not something you can code.

It _is_ a common resource, and a commons, which tech monopolists enclose and profit by.

Which doesn't make it any easier to disrupt, though disruption does happen.

A chief question ought be "why is this situationb and how can we avoid those perils in future?"

@dredmorbius Indeed. Sadly it seems that we're really good at finding all of the ways to get stuck in these silos. That's something I'm hoping to change.

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One positive of a silo is that it gives a name to the thing being done. You can now say “It’s like Meetup dot com” and people will know what you mean.

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🍬 The advantage of #Amazon is not that it has the lowest prices or fastest shipping but that it is the everything store. #Facebook’s sole remaining feature is that it is an always-updated address book and chat client for 93% of anyone you’d ever need to message. 🍬

@suetanvil Branding, and the associated context of a given website or (increasingly) app has merits.

But we used to use email for these things.

The "has features of" is also legit. We used to use protocols for that. A chief problem of protocols is that they are so slow to change and update. Arguably, the raison d'etre of Mastodon is IRC's failure to move past the 1980s.


@craigmaloney Here in Portland, we've had as a widely used community events calendar for over a decade, and it's open source ( Being designed for use by a single geographic area puts it in a slightly different category than Meetup, but I think it's worth looking at because it's been very effective here.

Ultimately meetups & gatherings & get togethers are another thing that needs to be a part of the #ActivityPub #fediverse. Just another aspect of social tech, another use of a general medium.

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