Can we all start treating AdTech like the parasite it is and eradicate it please?

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@alice I don't even bother looking at positions for fintech or adtech because screw those folks like a cork on a wine bottle.

@craigmaloney this would be much easier if it didn't pay so many people's salaries.

@brennen *Insert snarky remark about organized crime paying people's salaries too*

@craigmaloney yeah. snark or no, this seems accurate. it's probably also hard to eradicate the mafia where it makes up a large percentage of the economy.

@craigmaloney Already doing my part. I tell anybody who will listen that #adtech is #malware, and tools like uBlock Origin and uMatrix are the new #antivirus tools.

#JavaScript is a malware vector. Webshit developers don't want to admit it, but deep inside the shriveled, dessicated hunks of dogshit they mistake for their hearts they know it's true.

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