What I wanted: to have a quiet vent about a topic

What I got: Someone setting up velvet ropes, chairs, a table, and folks forming an orderly queue for their next chance to tell me their opinion about that thing that I wanted to vent about quietly.

@craigmaloney A/K/A the discovery that when we talk at the world, the World occasionally Talks Back.

@dredmorbius More like when you express sadness over something then folks decide to describe it back to you and then bring the very thing that gave you sadness right to your doorstop.

@craigmaloney The ability to publish and explicitly disclaim replies (or push them off to some $ARBITRARY_FUTURE_DATE) might occasionally be handy.

Mastodon's inability to hide / mute specific discussions is increasingly annoying.

@dredmorbius I can mute things just fine with Mastodon, which is handy. I've done that in that past.

@craigmaloney W/in Notifs, yes. W/in streams, not so much.

And even for a muted convo, it's not possible to mute just a specific user _for that discussion_.

I've blocked (and then unblocked) or muted accounts in the past to accomplish more or less precisely this.

Mastodon doesn't have a "disable replies" and "disable boosts", does it?

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