Wonder how many couples had to be talked out of using "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins for their couple's dance.

Worse, I wonder how many weren't.

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@KitRedgrave Just heard the song on the radio and was reminded of the lyrics.

@craigmaloney Vince Gill's "Go Rest High on that Mountain" was a popular choice in the 90s.

This is before we talk about politicians using "Born in the USA" (invariably without permission)

@craigmaloney I'm having war flashbacks to how many brides wanted "Every Breathe You Take" by The Police for their first dance song.

@popstar @craigmaloney why does wedding music have to be overplayed milquetoast radio hits? are people just that boring?

@lyliawisteria @popstar As someone who worked in an office where people played what I referred to as "admin rock": yes.

@craigmaloney @popstar oh yeah, i guess i did have to listen to a lot of workplace radio for many years, and people acting like they haven't heard songs that were played yesterday, the day before, the month before that, and three decades before that.

@lyliawisteria I mean, kinda. There's a lot of pressure in the industry to not be too different or too out there, for the delicate sensibilities of your older relatives. The most fascinating weddings I witnessed or catered the deserts for were always the ones like YEAH FUCK YOU and did whatever they want.

But also "Reign in Blood" by Slayer is cringe in its own special way as a bridal entrance song...

@popstar Slayer in general is, with all of the fashy stuff the singer likes to wear.

@popstar one of my friends from high school DJed her own wedding. her music taste is all over the place. i probably wouldn't have discovered a lot of the music i listen to if we hadn't met.

@popstar I'm sure you have horror stories aplenty and I'm sorry. 😀

@popstar @craigmaloney how about #meatloaf's Paradise By The Dashboard Light?
For some reason very popular at wedding receptions, at least while I was still bartending in the Netherlands.

"So now I am praying for the end of time, to hurry up and arrive, 'cus if I gotta spend another minute with you, I don't think that I can really survive."

@FiXato oh my gosh. one of my favorite brides was a Dutch lady marrying an american and she wanted all of her music to be by Delain and Within Temptation. they did inexplicably decide to play Journey's "Living on a Prayer" halfway through but other than that..

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