How to ask for advice on Mastodon:

Need advice on what bike to by? Post that your car won't stat.

Need an Linux Distribution recommendation? Post that you Windows OS just decided to upgrade.

Need to do an informal poll of what people drink in the morning? Post that you like coffee.

(Tongue in cheek. I love you all.)

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I really appreciate you waving your opinions in my face today :D


@craigmaloney i know what people drink in the morning. what i want to know is, what do people think in the morning?

@lyliawisteria @craigmaloney Oh, that's easy!
They don't.
Human brains require a long time to wake up fully and start functioning. Hell, some can't do it at all. If someone tells you they thought of something in the morning, they're an alien. :P

@craigmaloney Just like asking on how to fix my GNU+Linux problems

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