Also me: Can't seem to get enough of Steve Roach, routinely buys classical music, and has a thing for Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Elvin Jones, and Oscar Peterson.

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@chuck Funny thing is people will ask me "who's your favorite artist?". I finally have to qualify the question with "what genre?" because I have so many favorite artists. Even then it's difficult because they're all so freaking amazing.

@craigmaloney @chuck i think that's called "having a mature taste in music". also, why is John Zorn not in here. Naked City is the best of all of this.

@lyliawisteria @chuck Assume it's because I haven't heard it yet. I haven't dug too deep into jazz music (I'm a little picky about what I like in that arena.)

@craigmaloney @chuck Naked City is basically an album of grindcore freestyle jazz.

@lyliawisteria @chuck I'll have to check this out, I just realized that I've probably touched on this with an album called "Painkiller" by Zorn et al (I knew that name was familiar). I got it as a promo from a radio station in college and it's just over my limits of what I would enjoy listening to.

@lyliawisteria @chuck Sorry, band was "Painkiller" and the album is "Buried Secrets".

@craigmaloney @chuck i think i have that. there is some Painkiller album that was floating around my hard drive and i don't know where i got it from, so it was a total surprise that it sounds like John Zorn.

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