I'm just going to leave this here for y'all:

"Famous DJ Squads come to compete for the title of the Planet’s Next DJ Superstars. To create their sounds and effects DJs wear Shells: cybernetically enhanced bodies that they can switch out and customize to create fully integrated multi-sensual experiences. Til Dawnis of course broadcast live for the most ultimate real drama possible. (cont)

"Competitors not only have to excel at increasingly difficult music challenges, but also juggle relationships, the public perception of their personas, and sabotage from other DJ Squads."

"From now through to the end of 2019, profits from our DriveThruRPG sales of Til Dawn will be donated to the Trevor Project. Thank you for your support!"

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(Plus it's by @kiramagrann so why hasn't this flown into your shopping cart already? Sheesh!)

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@craigmaloney I'm really looking to test this game! If I just could join some open-minded group of gamers...

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