@craigmaloney Put all your trust in Microsoft. Do not resist. Allow the update to wash over you.

@craigmaloney [long pause followed by whispering voice on the phone] All your files are exactly where you left them.

@flussence @craigmaloney "Your system backups are easily available at microsoft.com now"

@craigmaloney They can. Once you use Windows, they known what you up to :D

@craigmaloney sure. They could the truthful ending to that... “because you have no choice.”

I've shared the german version of this a while ago 😆

@craigmaloney The first time I saw that screen I actually thought for half a moment that ransomware had taken over my computer. I almost had a heart attack.

@craigmaloney watch out! there's somebody inside your monitor filming you!

@craigmaloney The best thing would be a ":(" BSOD right after that. 🤣

@craigmaloney Hi! I'm your new Mac! I have no USB, no ethernet, you can't install apps we don't allow... and you love it! XD
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