I've been working off-and-on about getting my linode instances managed via ansible and I'm almost to the point where I can run the scripts and not freak out.

Wondering if sysadmin ever gets to the point where you are confident.

@mwlucas @craigmaloney Not true. Many are confident computers are terrible and software is excrement.

@mwlucas @kurtm @craigmaloney You also become certain that Murphy was, in fact, an optimist.

@rowens @mwlucas @craigmaloney
Fun fact: Here in Rochester (Webster in particular) there is a restaurant right on the water called Murphy's Law. @pamela says it may even be on stilts. :flan_nooo:

@craigmaloney The question for sysadmins is not "Should I be paranoid?", 'tis "Am I paranoid enough?".

@craigmaloney I'm pretty confident in my Ansible scripts at work... But only because I have enough redundancy there that if something breaks it's not a big deal.

@craigmaloney Nah, when you feel like you know what you are doing, they move the goalposts by introducing new technologies that do the same task as the old, but differently and with more complexity.

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