When Linux folks say that your drive doesn't need defragging, believe them.

I think I managed to defrag some of my music files into the one spot on the drive that had bad blocks. Now I'm watching the "Current Pending Sector Count" rise as I'm copying files off the drive.

@craigmaloney People still worry about fragmentation on their filesystems? Wow.

@starbreaker @craigmaloney Yeah, I run the tool manually on my NTFS system every so often. If you copy a TON of small files onto your HDD and move them around a bunch it can happen, but it isn't nearly as bad as under Windows XP and such.

I didn't even think you COULD defrag Ext based systems. Last I heard (for Ex2 I think), was that no one had figured out how to do it, but it happened so slowly that it was easier to just copy all the files off and back on in one go then make a tool for it.

@Canageek @starbreaker ext4 has a defrag command (e4defrag) which can be useful. It's rather gentle, but apparently on a silently failing drive it can make things really... interesting.

@craigmaloney @Canageek That's interesting. I tend not to mess with the filesystem myself; I figure that as long as I have recent backups I'll be OK if something happens.

@starbreaker @Canageek @craigmaloney can confirm that's my approach also.

So far the only hard drives that have died on me are ones in ye olde computers I bought off eBay to refurbish.

@bobstechsite @craigmaloney @Canageek I've been very lucky; the hard drive on the Thinkpad I bought off ebay five years ago is still going strong.
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