@craigmaloney i've heard it's not that great tasting

but it's an iso standard so it's not cheap to find out >.>

@craigmaloney my favorite part is under "Criticism"

"The protocol has been criticized for omitting any mention of prewarming the pot. Ireland was the only country to object, and objected on technical grounds."

@craigmaloney I don't understand "Allow 20 seconds for water to cool."

You've added tea to the pot. Now you've added freshly boiling water. Now you're waiting 20 seconds before allowing it to steep for 6 minutes? Isn't that just steeping for 6 minutes and 20 seconds?

@jdb You've assumed that I understand the standard, or that I drink tea. 😁

@craigmaloney True. So I shouldn't pursue followup questions about the importance of 'white' porcelain?

@craigmaloney Where on the teapot is there a 'partly serrated edge'?

Are there no tea drinkers lurking?

@craigmaloney Which reminds me of the (apparently unrelated) HTTP error code 418: "I'm a teapot".

@craigmaloney Well… there's a standard for brewing tea.
I wouldn't call it "properly", at least not if you intend to *drink* it.

I need to remember this next time someone is making me a cup and asks how I like it..

@craigmaloney This is explicitly not a standard for properly brewed tea.

@craigmaloney I don't disagree with it, which is refreshing! 😂

Milk before tea if the teabags are brewed in a pot

Milk after tea if a single teabag is brewed in a mug

@craigmaloney Yes, I believe this was required for on-going work on improbability generators...

"The work was the winner of the Ig Nobel Prize for Literature in 1999."
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