@craigmaloney This is a great summary of everything that was good w/ G+ that is no longer the same. Too bad no one found a way to replicate this elsewhere

@craigmaloney there was so much cool stuff at the beginning of the product. I think all the G+ articles from media about "the death of G+" that became a self-infected wound

@craigmaloney I never got into G+. Mostly because I tried to use it like FB (its all linked to my personal email) but nobody that I knew started using it.
And when I started trying to use it more like G+ was being used like you described I found it too complicated, maybe because of G+changes and also too few people seemed to be into the communities joined.
I see ActivityPub though a possible micro-blogging mastodon though.
As a side note, your website doesn't seem to have a mobile friendly view.

@Niquarl Yes, because I'm using a theme that I downloaded and I can't be bothered to make a mobile-first view. 😉

@craigmaloney Just realised this might be seen as rude. Wasn't my intention, I'm sorry. I just like Firefox's reader view.

Plus your website was still visible via mobile. It's pretty cool.

@Niquarl No worries. At some point I'll fix it, but it hasn't been a priority.

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