I am definitely going to ask in my next job interview if I'll be forced to listen to country music. I can deal with Cash, but Kenny Chesney makes me want to kill myself.

@musicman Yeah, country is a non-starter for me. Especially what passes for country nowadays.

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I do like bluegrass though. I did get them to play Lords of the Trident once.

It's not the type of office where I can get away with playing Anal Cunt. I do miss that about !nagios...not that we did anything stupid like have a song of the day at nagios. But, I think Anal Cunt would have been well received, at least for the lulz.
I'm just going to assume that one is not going to fly.
I took the time before I saw this...and now, I've wasted 5 seconds of my life :)
actually, I took the time to listen...that might work, lol. Might be the only one by Napalm Death though
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