That you're celebrating 90 years since your first motion picture debut means you're well past your public domain bedtime you fucking rat.

But because your handlers can't stand the thought of giving you up to the rest of the world means we'll probably have to suffer another 90 years without anything going into the public domain, least of all the stuff that you stole from it.

Fuck you, Mickey. Fuck you.

@craigmaloney Did I miss something? Last I heard, Steamboat Willie is going to take that final leap into Public Domain in a little over three months.

The character will still be protected by trademark though.


@Mycroft a) I'll believe it when I see it, and b) it's 20 years overdue.

@craigmaloney I don't think there's enough time to draft legislation to extend copyright again and shove it through congress; if disney hasn't acted by now then I'm pretty sure they're not going to try a last minute push. Sony Bono Copyright Act expires and stuff from 1923 will finally be given delayed freedom in 93 days.

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