@craigmaloney would you be interested in collaborating on a Top 10 !ccmusic !metal albums. No deadline. Just something I was thinking about as I listen to Frostburn over and over again. That first(?) Diablo Swing Orchestra album also immediately comes to mind.

Mostly as an aside, but I think you are more into extreme metal than me. I like it, but...it mostly seems to all sound the same to me. I mean I can tell the difference in grindcore, doom, black, death, and sludge (and of course sometimes lines are blurred). I'm not 100% sure what classifies as extreme metal outside of death and black. And past that I've got atmospheric black and some of the other sub-genres. What I'm saying though is within the genres it all starts to sound the same. This is true to some extent in every genre, but when you can't understand the lyrics...

I think this is why I end up liking weird shit like the Flowerviolence album and that retrowave black metal one.

@musicman Maybe not "collaborate" but I could make a list of 20 or so albums that I keep coming back to. I have a hard time narrowing down things like this because there's a lot of music that moves me in different ways at different times.

Plus there's a lot of stuff that I like that I'm not sure folks would put into the metal category. E.g. Patient Zero and Neurotech would be artists that I'd want to give a serious nod to but are they really metal? :)

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The older Neurotech is undoubtedly metal. I've been listening to it for my Top 5 (or Top 10). Maybe I'll do it in two segments.
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