There are so-o-o many programming talks and articles starting on the same premise, "We wrote something and over time it got difficult to maintain, so we decided… to rewrite it in another language".

Why are you so sure the problem is the *language* and not you? Could it be that you just suck at engineering? I'd understand if the language was notoriously hard, like C++, or very new, like, say, Elm. But if you do stuff in Java/Python/Go then there's proof out there that those generally work.

@isagalaev Problem is there's always more will to rewrite something than refactor it. Refactoring requires you to work within the constraints of the code, whereas rewriting tickles the "new frontier" parts of the mind.

@craigmaloney yes, and you lose all the little decisions and bug fixes implicitly incorporated in your old code over time, which honest refactoring would retain, or at least make you think about.

(Cue the classic Joel Spolsky's piece


@isagalaev No worries. :)

Though I'll never fault anyone for rewriting from Java. That language needs some serious help.

@craigmaloney I've been told the most recent Java is not quite so bad :-) But in general I stopped hoping once it was acquired by a non-software company.

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