I took my car in last Thursday to get the locks checked out. When I got the car back I noticed some damage on the driver side door. They said they would have to go back to the video to see if the damage was already there. Apparently they couldn't turn it around the same day (new system, y'know) so they would call me back

Quelle Surprise, the damage was already there when I drive in to the dealership.

They offered me to come down and look at the video. But they won. They had the proof.

So after waiting the hours in the shop and several business days I'm now proven wrong. I'm wrong and we have the evidence to prove it.

Sorry bud, but you couldn't pull one over on us. We're smarter than that.

Never mind that the damage is small; they'd rather be right than offer to make me whole.

This is the same dealership that was OK with stranding me because my key fob fell apart and they didn't have any parts in stock. I had to call my wife to have my dad bring up the other fob.

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I would think this wouldn't be the hill they would like to die upon but apparently being right is better than maintaining the relationship.

Fine then; you may have the hill. Considering how Volkswagen has treated their customers and engineers I'm not surprised anymore by how I've been treated.

I've also noticed they haven't sent a customer survey. Color me surprised. After asking me for all fives every other trip apparently they would rather disown me rather than face unpleasant results.

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So basically your dealership's decided to model themselves after a typical American commercial airline.

@ND3JR Pretty much. And they wonder why younger folks don't want to own a car.

Well, there's plenty of other reasons why younger people don't want to own a car:

- More debt as well as maintenance & insurance costs when their income has remained stagnant
- Graduated licensing making it more difficult to get a driver's license
- Younger people tend to be more environmentally-conscious, unlike the Baby Boomers especially, & therefore support cleaner modes of transportation
- Also compared to Boomers, they're less steeped in car culture.

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