Pinball Arcade loses the rights to the Williams / Bally tables after June 30th:

Honestly I don't trust any company that deals in gambling machines any more than I can throw them and it seems this was borne out in negotiations with Scientific Games (the rights-holders of WMS and Bally tables) They're just not interested in renewing anymore.

Frankly Williams / Bally are in the "you no longer exist and I will do my best to ignore you" pile alongside Disney and others.

So what happens to the Bally/Williams tables that I already purchased years ago in the Pinball Arcade? Will they just disappear or will I still keep them?

Also that's the majority of the tables in the Pinball Arcade.

@ND3JR Apparently they'll still function and will still be supported. But Farsight Studios is already at a disadvantage for making money with two of their top draws removed so it's anyone's guess how long that will remain true.

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