People wonder why I don't take the "experimental" tag seriously on Bandcamp.

I provide you with yet another exhibit of why:


/cc @musicman

@craigmaloney @musicman some of the other stuff on the label isn't too bad and the whole ethos of it sort of fits in with the anarchist/alternative punk music scene of Indonesia (yes, there is one!)

I suspect some completely random stuff is put in there simply to confuse the censors who monitor stuff like this (who are more likely to shake their heads and leave it alone as they simply can't understand it).

We had StoneAgeRecords on Music Manumit.:

Rizkan now just has a thing called Rizkan Records
the thing I hate about bandcamp is you can't get rid of the label tags. They go on every release.

@musicman That's up to the label. Some of the labels dont understand how to handle artist / label tags very well.

uniqueleaderrecords.bandcamp.c <- smart label <- Not so smart label

Actually, I only have a musician account, but on the musician account, the only way to avoid this is to not have any musician-level tags. It's true though that it's avoidable, but I still consider this a bug.
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