Car companies are likely wondering why folks are doing without owning a car.

and yet, after $132 to diagnose that the lock assembly in my car is damaged (it's a common problem) they didn't have the part in stock (it's so common we don't stock parts) and then managed to damage my car on the other side.

Of course they're trying to prove that it wasn't them, but the camera system is new you see, and nobody has access to it.

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So, in short, pay $132 to diagnose something that is common...

but don't stock the part...

and charge $400 for the part...

that is a common problem...

but somehow isn't common enough for extended warranty or what-not...

and then damage my vehicle and call me a liar.

Yep, Get right on that experience folks.

@craigmaloney They are going to be very sad when self-driving cars kill most of the rest of car ownership.

@craigmaloney Yeah. Many times. Being car illiterate and presenting femme doesn't help.

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