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Feeling lost on Mastodon? Wondering what all of those timelines and options mean?

I did a video presentation about Mastodon for Michigan!/usr/group (

Here's the video if you're interested:

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Hey folks,

If you have some spare Liberapay cash laying around would you please consider sending it to Sophie Lagace?

She outlines the reasons in her blog post here:

Suffice to say they're going to though a rough patch and could use the financial support.


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New here? Not sure where to start? This intro by @noelle might help out:

Also I'd like to send you a quick "hello" and a note that if you're on that our beloved administrator is @CobaltVelvet. She runs this place and keeps it tidy.

It's also not free as in beer so if you'd like to keep this place running please feel free to help out her Patreon:

(note: I'm not an admin here, I just like this place)

Not one of my most upbeat pieces, but it does reflect, with a dose of honest soul-searching, how I personally thought about the IBM acquisition of RedHat. Feel free to comment. I'd love to hear if my thoughts on this are unique. #linux

RIP Ernest, who gave us the Ernest Diagrams: pictorial representations of the mathematical expressions describing the behavior of subatomic particles. upgrades! The "A look inside..." preview on the non-logged-in home page will now show just (externally visible) posts from this instance, not the known fediverse, which should give potential joiners a better idea what's up here.

tired: Stack Overflow
Wired: Shaq Overflow
Inspired: Expert ShaqChange.

I think I've caught a cold!

Help my Kickstarter hit the first stretch goal so maybe I can sleep tonight! I promise it's worth it, I've worked on this game for like five years and everyone who has played it has liked it - check out the testimonials!

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"We want to hire women because they are great at multitasking, communication, better at organising things and have more empathy" --> How about you want to hire women because they are GOOD at ALL of the other skills in the job description, not just the soft skills?

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The Indie RPG Pipeline is a posting board to keep track of upcoming indie tabletop rpgs. When I see a new indie rpg released, going into crowdfunding or looking for playtesters, I post it here.

If you use RSS feeds, you can add the following subdivisions:
For New Releases
For Games in Crowdfunding
For Games looking for Playtesters

Users develop craft -- incredibly complicated folk-ontologies, rituals, procedures, and heuristics -- for working with whatever tools they regularly use, & this craft is itself a tool. A user who identifies as 'non-technical' is in fact extremely technical: their desire to stay roughly within the bounds of the craft they have already developed leads them to invent incredible workarounds.

Thoughts and prayers. Meh. Fine. Whatever.

Thoughts, prayers, and taking action? Yes.

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Hello Federation.

We are happy to announce that we are finished basic federation support and will be merging it along with several new features this week.

It may take a few more weeks to iron out all the bugs, but we are confident from the tests we have done that it is ready for production use!

For the latest updates, star or watch the GitHub repo, #pixelfed

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