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Craig Maloney @craigmaloney

@ghoul excellent! Will see if I can find some other stuff for you.

@djsundog (This isn't based on the latest Back to Work Episode, is it? Because yeah, I'm curious too.)

@ghoul You're welcome. I don't tend to do folk and indie rock, but hopefully there's something in there for you. :)

@ghoul Any particular genre preferences?

Sorry, but even my gut bacteria have to wait in line after the creditors come to pick through the bleached bones.

I love it when organizations say "you can add us to your estate / will" as though they'd get anything more than a used​ rubber band and an IOU.

Waiting for a laptop to charge. Wondering if I should risk finding a plug at the coffee shop or just call it good.

@modernmodron Said every game designer as they look at five days of work and sigh. :)

@jalefkowit Dude, new Amiga in 2017 is kind of exciting. :)

Never had one in the day but always admired the machine. Had they spent the same spit-and-polish as Apple did on the interface it would have killed.

(Also had Mehdi Ali not been a complete grifting fuck-up of a CEO...)

@gargron @randomgeek This is also why I don't shop at Kroger / CVS. They do this shit all the time.

At least Meijer (local supermarket) doesn't pull that, and does discounts on top of the "MPerks" program.

@pzmyers probably read better at the time. Also the bit about Mrs. McDonald's pies helping to found the state took up too many letters.

Apparently Comcast files anti-net neutrality comments to the FCC using your name and service address

@gargron our local supermarket chain has one of these programs. We opted in because they're already tracking is whether we want to or not. So might as well get some payback for being collected.