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Hello, I'm Craig Maloney. I've been on the "fediverse" back when it was, so I have some history here.

I'm a Python Programmer by day, a retro computer enthusiast by night, and a lover of music.

I wrote "The Mediocre Programmer", which is a self-help book for developers.

I'm the host of the (on hiatus) Open Metalcast, a contributor to Pepper&Carrot, and a game designer. I'm also on the board of the Michigan!/usr/group (

Learn more:

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Not sure if I'm on some auto-follow list on, but if I am I'd like to ask to be removed. I'm getting a lot of follow-requests from no-post, no avatar folks on fosstodon. If you're one of those folks I'm simply canceling the request. Come back if you truly want to follow me.

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Feeling lost on Mastodon? Wondering what all of those timelines and options mean?

I did a video presentation about Mastodon for Michigan!/usr/group (

Here's the video if you're interested:

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Hey folks,

If you have some spare Liberapay cash laying around would you please consider sending it to Sophie Lagace?

She outlines the reasons in her blog post here:

Suffice to say they're going to though a rough patch and could use the financial support.


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New here? Not sure where to start? This intro by @noelle might help out:

Also I'd like to send you a quick "hello" and a note that if you're on that our beloved administrator is @CobaltVelvet. She runs this place and keeps it tidy.

It's also not free as in beer so if you'd like to keep this place running please feel free to help out her Patreon:

(note: I'm not an admin here, I just like this place)

Folks with their DDR5 memory. Wake me when they have DDR A3 memory.

here's the full ad for Apple technologies allowing commoners to work from home, and not (apparently) the Apple Elite that need to breathe in the crystalline-filtered air inside the Apple Donut.

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Did a random pause on Apple's 2020 "Work From Home" and this just feels _really_ ominous.

Like, what the fuck is Project Pandora's Box, and _have you fuckers opened it?_

CW: Eye Contact

If anyone asks me what the 1980s were like I'll present them with this video to really confuse the crap out of them:

The Power Station: Bang a Gong (Get it On)

Confusing the algorithm by going from Detroit Techno to Chinese Classical to Chiptunes to The Power Station (the one with Robert Palmer and most of Duran Duran).

Take that, music-selection algorithms.

before you seize the means of production, you should make sure you can seize the means of staging

Feeling a bit overwhelmed, but then realizing that I can only do one thing at a time and honestly that helps things immensely.


Just added my favorite review of my book "The Mediocre Programmer" to the front page of the site:

"Quick review: Hope this guy doesn't code like he writes." - 8bitsrule

Judge for yourself:

humor, only just 

I don't like to talk to kids like some folks do, really slow and drawn out with "baby talk". Nope. I talk to them like little adults. I shove a copy of "The Economist" in their tiny little hands and say "this is the world you're going to inherit some day. Fuckin' figure it out."

Me: I love the crisp, clarity and audiophile quality of digital media

Also me:

food, disgusting 

Gaze into the eyes of the destructor.

Remembering that Sting was the bassist in The Police is still a sobering thought.

"Bosses Think Workers Do Less From Home, Says Microsoft "

A someone who has worked from home and in an office I average the same amount of productivity in both places. The difference is that in an office I'm yammering with co-workers about things that are usually not about work. So, if you measure productivity by how many hours I spend in a location then sure.

If you don't trust your employees to be productive wherever they work perhaps the problem isn't with your employees.

re: covid 

(JoDee almost lost her composure on the phone when I showed that to her)

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JoDee's on the phone with one of her co-workers and the subject of all of the folks that aren't feeling well came up.

Short answer:

Too bad I don't have a top 10 development blog at my disposal because I'd love to post random crap to it and see which fools out there are doing architecture-by-blog post.

It'd be scary knowledge, but interesting.

(Note: not the place to explain to me what happened. I have the internet too, Sparky)

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It's absurd to me that a bottom-of-the-line 8+ y/o NVidia GTX660 card still goes for $320+ on NewEgg.

Folks really screwed up the GPU market, didn't they?

Pulled my NVidia card out of my main computer. Outside of Laptops I'm NVidia-free.

Need to figure out what to do with these cards. Other than burn them.

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