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Craig Maloney ☕ @craigmaloney

Devastation - Idolatry:

A master-class in 1990s thrash music, and sadly the band's last album.

Playing with Ansible to set up my new Linode instance.

And reminding myself that YAML is indentation sensitive in ways that even Python might forgive.

*teeth gritting*

I swear I'm giving way too much mental capital into hating React, partly because 80% of the front-end jobs have it as a requirement and I'd like to change that.

Though I'm pretty sure nothing of consequence will happen because of Facebook's reluctance to change. We're not their customers, and we're not now they make money.

Random mix just moved from Herbie Hancock to Tilopa.

No complaints:

@lmorchard That's such a classic scene and a great misdirection effect.

@lmorchard This looks a whole lot better on here than it does on Twitter.

Also: jealousy-inducing awesome. :)

Played almost all of the GIPF games last night (save for Punct and Tamsk). Really love this series.

Don't get so consumed with how the world needs to change that you forget to look in the mirror once and a while. You need work, too. You aren't perfect and you aren't invincible.

@Elizafox in some ways they didn't though:

Bandcamp operates outside of the RIAA, so much so that the RIAA members put their stuff up there to stream. So you have Indies next to established acts. It becomes a great record store.

@craigmaloney @kemonine There'll be another episode of Open Metalcast soon. Glad you enjoyed this episode. :)

@viTekiM We'll be here when you decide to return. Take care.

@MadcapJake @gargron Honestly this is the same "double-buffering" and blitting that have been in computing for a while, but are now making a comeback on the web.

The part that pisses me off is this is Facebook trying to weaponize Reactjs as a way to prevent folks from suing them over patents. It's essentially tipping Facebook's hand that they're tired of fighting patent lawsuits. Which I can agree with, but this is not the way of it.

@lnxw48a1 Yeah, I have Facebook blocked at the router so I'm not about to link to it directly. 😁