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Feeling lost on Mastodon? Wondering what all of those timelines and options mean?

I did a video presentation about Mastodon for Michigan!/usr/group (

Here's the video if you're interested:

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Hey folks,

If you have some spare Liberapay cash laying around would you please consider sending it to Sophie Lagace?

She outlines the reasons in her blog post here:

Suffice to say they're going to though a rough patch and could use the financial support.


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New here? Not sure where to start? This intro by @noelle might help out:

Also I'd like to send you a quick "hello" and a note that if you're on that our beloved administrator is @CobaltVelvet. She runs this place and keeps it tidy.

It's also not free as in beer so if you'd like to keep this place running please feel free to help out her Patreon:

(note: I'm not an admin here, I just like this place)

Cool: Informed Delivery so I know what's coming in the mail before it gets here.
Meh: Finding out that it's all junk mail.

Three things you need in order to be happy:

1. Happiness
2. A way to contain said happiness
3. A picture of Gene Rayburn or Charles Nelson Reilly.

millennials, death and morbidity 

Tired: Disney+
Wired: Undoing the fucking damage Disney has done to our culture, copyright, and the public domain.

Trying to get the Southeast Michigan technical groups to start using like our community bulletin board of events.

(Minus the realtors and the get-rich-quick schemes).

Join us.

Watch our live-stream of the November MUG meeting:

Justin Triplett gives an overview of Blender and Python

U2's Actung Baby is so much better if you treat it as a forgotten Wax Trax album

I think I have come to the realization that anything that pisses off jazz purists is going to be something worth checking out.

NP: Miles Davis: Tutu

I'm launching a Kickstarter tomorrow. Here's a preview. Any feedback or typo spotting is very much appreciated. 😅

Reminder: Steve Roach's music is not a game where you have to collect them all.

Also me: I must have them all.

The DOSBox project started in 2002, which means that in three years, ie by 2022, the project will have been going for longer than the supported lifespan of MS-DOS. It's already far outlived the 14 year period (1981-1995) when MS-DOS was the primary IBM PC operating system.


No screen reader or braille displays, no eye tracking for the paralyzed, no information to screen magnifiers so they can move while typing, no . 100% fuck you GTK. Fuck. You.

What does this mean for disabled people? Back to Windows for you!

The television show The Golden Girls was originally a joke. NBC prepared a parody of Miami Vice, Miami Nice, featuring old people sitting around playing cards. NBC's senior vice president thought it sounded like an excellent idea, so he asked for it to be made into a show.

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