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@mwlucas Add to that the end (AFAICT) of the $4.99 ebook upgrade and now I have no reason to buy their print books.

@mwlucas Oh, and you'll be able to update the current versions forever, but when the new bright-shiny version comes out? Guess you'll have to hope they put it on Google Play / Amazon. Ridiculous.

@mwlucas Absolutely. I already emailed them about this and it looks like they're proceeding as planned. So kiss PDF-versions of newer O'Reilly books goodbye forever.

@strypey That doesn't bother me so much, but being a champion of DRM-free books and putting your content behind a paywall really bugs the shit out of me.

@msk I want to believe Kenneth Hite will do great with on WoD but I know many folks are really upset by this change. Can completely sympathize.

Really mad that O'Reilly media is going strictly Safari-only for their ebooks. Guess it's Manning, Pearson, and No Starch from here on out.

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aunt, venting, don't even know what to do Show more

@typhlosion "I think I am near the point where my vim config runs without issue, but I just realized I need to add a few things to it to get it perfect. For now."

TFW you find the combinations function in Racket and it makes a problem that you're trying to solve trivial.

@lmorchard glad to hear that. Hoping you have a safe trip.

BTW: If you like what I do and want to help support it I have several wishlist links on my blog:

The ones for Bandcamp can help Open Metalcast directly (especially if they're CC-licensed metal).

The link has several books and CDs (and a bunch of other stuff to fill up my living space).

If nothing else it's fun to see what sorts of shit I found interesting at one time or other. 😁

Regardless thank you for listening and reading. Every little bit helps.

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@liate Probably some of the dyes so they can locate it.