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Hi, I’m Cory, I’m a graphic designer, board game maker, game show fanatic and Baltimoron! I toot silly things about things that I think make the world a better place. Hiiiiii! πŸ‘‹πŸ½

I’m in love with the beautiful French chef on The Final Table on Netflix.

I am very busy. I am on very many social medias including Insta and Patreon and Birdsite. Be my friend!

I'm way behind The Circle but it's really a good showβ€”a very good twist on the Big Brother-style elimination format. I hope Netflix doesn't fuck it up when they bring it over to the States

i am so unpluggedβ€”what the fuck happened to bofa?

Does anyone else's hand feel heavy when they've copied or cut something and then lighter when they've pasted it?

Do something you enjoy this week. You’ve earned it.

This has been the longest, most tiring week emotionally. But on the bright side, I get to put on an environmental-themed game show for a fan festival dedicated to a trash wheel!

Because I am ridiculous I recorded my playing of ESPN NFL 2K5 but with updated rosters. For a football game, the boobie physics are miserable:

paging @mikeyil: is liking potted meat a filipino thing? Because damn I love potted meat and my lola got me hooked on it.

If the Cleveland Browns can win a game, you can ask your crush out

selfie, eye contact 

selfie, eye contact 

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