I found out one of my friends from high school that I've lost contact with uses the fediverse.

Please boost this so he can see that I'd like to speak with him and catch up!

the internet broke my brain. i kept reading this as “diaper kin”

Calzones are just pizza rolls which in turn are just dumplings

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I have so many fucking genders, bro
and no im not fucking sharing

I don’t really like The Mountain Goats and I think Metal Gear Solid is massively overrated, so I’m turning in my Online Leftist card.

no time to mansplain this building is about to explode

 🌟    🌚✨
  ☄  ⭐️   

Discourse is About Never Shutting The Fuck Up and Never Listening To Anyone

@copiedcopies i thought i’d win on some bullshit w/ the top squad disconnecting or something

fitting that my first win in apex legends comes after my whole squad drops in the first minute


copying and pasting the url to a toot without manually double checking it is a real dangerous game. what if i just linked to something like "pee pee poo poo"

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