‪Do any of you happen to live around Montecito Heights in LA and have a couch someone can crash on for a few days?‬

YouTube; edgelords; nazi shit; thinly veiled transphobia 

gab/nazis/fediverse discourse 

when this sucker hits 60 boosts per minute, you're gonna see some serious shit

i love you guys so much. ive noticed you going to jail

anyways a white dude from weird twitter who used to say the n word all the time isnt allowed to tell me what is right or wrong

If you want to show your colors this Pride Month I have many lgbtq bracelets on the shop. Handmade with love by your local enby autistic spoonie 🌈

Maybe we should stop listening to anything Twitter is shouting about.

sure would be an odd but plausible turn of events if I ended up changing my irl name to at the very least incorporate the name Max huh

Open for encouragement (+) 

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