if you do not interact to my posts you are a bastard out of hell

this is important: i have uncovered photographic evidence that dwayne "the rock" johnson has been in the same room as reba mcentire

the rock also appears to be very concerned

a lot of my personality makes sense if u consider the fact i spent all of my important developmental years in childhood watching reality tv and on tumblr

im like oppenheimer but the event that makes me question the follies of humanity and their crimes is when i realized my bigger luke thread has like 70 boosts

i am the anti elon musk, he wants to build experimental vanity projects with nonexistent technology to make the city a playground for the rich, i want to build solidly engineered transit systems with currently existing technology to make my city a wonderful place for non asshole humans to live

Immodest Mouse's iconic 2004 album, Good Nudes for People who Take Bad Nudes

The term "Danganronpa" is actually coded communication for libertarians, and stands for "Dang, an(other) Ron Pa(ul fan!)"

@copiedcopies You fall into the cockpit of the Dougram from Fang of the Sun Dougram

Boost this toot and I will align you a giant robot to pilot

My favorite thing to do during A Drama is to make “snarky” or “sarcastic” meta-posts while staying otherwise uninvolved, thus reaping in those sweet sweet boosts and favs.

welcome to the fediverse where we eat bad takes for breakfast and shit them out as posting gold by dinner time

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