I was supposed to have a date tonight but it’s raining, and it was going to be a shit show this evening (everything is going to freeze and encase the city in ice) so we rescheduled.

But I’d like to point out that climate change is cock-blocking me.

‪Do any of you happen to live around Montecito Heights in LA and have a couch someone can crash on for a few days?‬

YouTube; edgelords; nazi shit; thinly veiled transphobia 

Just fed up by YouTube's garbage algorithm. Isn't the goal to keep me on the site? How can they be so bad at this? We have nothing to fear from AI taking over if this the best they can manage.

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gab/nazis/fediverse discourse 

"no nazis" was 100% the reason i came to the fediverse.
if people are deciding gab and its nazis are welcome, they're making those of us who specifically came here to escape nazis unwelcome.

when this sucker hits 60 boosts per minute, you're gonna see some serious shit

i love you guys so much. ive noticed you going to jail

anyways a white dude from weird twitter who used to say the n word all the time isnt allowed to tell me what is right or wrong

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If you want to show your colors this Pride Month I have many lgbtq bracelets on the shop. Handmade with love by your local enby autistic spoonie 🌈

Maybe we should stop listening to anything Twitter is shouting about.

sure would be an odd but plausible turn of events if I ended up changing my irl name to at the very least incorporate the name Max huh

Open for encouragement (+) 

I know you are struggling, but hang in there. I believe in you. And you are special and loved.

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