Filk, apparently. 

I am a poor Space fairing stranger.
Travelin' from that world below.
There'll be no hunger, toil, or danger
On that bright world to which I go.

Filk, apparently. 

I could probably do this whole song.

Ah hell, I'm starting a space band.

Space folk musing 

Country, blue grass, and hillbilly music is the perfect music for space, because it's the music of the working class, and you bet your ass that space fairing folk will be working class.

I'm might rewrite some folk and gospel songs to be about outerspace and try to talk @DoctorDeathray in to recording some backing parts and vocal accompaniment.

I'm not a vocalist, or a musician.

But I'm going to sing, and play something if I do this.

Space folk musing 

@ajroach42 @DoctorDeathray
It's not really folk, and not about space in the lyrics at all, but this is the first thing I thought of when you said space music:

Fear For the Storm

That audio-drama/podcast is SO good.


Space music 

@kingannoy @ajroach42 @DoctorDeathray
sweet, my favourite space music is probably Splendour & Misery, Clipping's scifi concept album. Partially influenced by folk music (spirituals) so I think it counts

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