“By gender freedom, I do not mean we all get to choose our gender. Rather, we get to make a political claim to live freely and without fear of discrimination and violence against the genders that we are. Many people who were assigned “female” at birth never felt at home with that assignment, and those people (including me) tell all of us something important about the constraints of traditional gender norms for many who fall outside its terms”
- Judith Butler


@ghost_bird wow Judith Butler is so eloquent. I makes me want to read her book. Thanks for sharing this article.

@conatus Glad you liked it - but be warned: Gender Trouble is very good, but it’s very dense and academic. Not easy reading.


@ghost_bird Haha, I'll take that in mind, honestly the quote about equalty being based on interdependency made me very qurious about the new book she mentioned in the end, so I might start there, maybe? (I honestly have so much to read, that I'm not sure I will every get to it, but still, a writer to pay closer attention to for sure.)

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@conatus I should try her new book myself - I get the impression her writing’s become more accessible over the years. (Though she’s always been smart and eloquent.)

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