@DissidentKitty @GreenandBlack @andre @conatus I saw this meme on the Fediverse and I had to do it 😹 Big Gay is coming for everyone!

@conatus @DissidentKitty
Oil from sunken tankers pollutes great areas in ocean, triggering a global ecological catastrophe and killing most forms of sea life.

There. You can laugh now.

Btw, I'm still waiting for somebody to admit the "ethical" resources needed to build a hi-tech 60 ft racing yacht.

Not to mention transatlantic flights for outbound and return crews.

Airplanes, my ass. Less consumption is the correct answer. No new phone every year is the correct answer. Etc, etc, etc...

@conatus now lets all hope she becomes an environmental terrorist when she grows up, because having worked for several environmental groups in my younger days? They're all full of shit and padding their wallets on the controversy they peddle. What we need is people blowing up logging equipment, oil refineries, pipelines, and so on and so forth.*

*dear alphabet agency official viewing this toot, i am not nor have I ever done any of those things, and I do not condone or endorse such acts. please do not come visit me at my home.

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