Today's mood:
Alone at the office, working on my graduation project.
Drinking a cappuccino with the big debate in parliament as background noise.
Chill Vibes

Urghh, How do trick yourself into doing the boring stuff?

I have tried update the documentation for my graduation project, and have gotten nowhere with it. I feel like there is a huge mental block related to succeeding in writing reports for school, that isn't present if I do anything else.

Music nerds of the fediverse, does anyone know what for sort of saxophone this is at 0:29 in the following video?

Help me out of my procrastination please. I can't work without knowing this.

I should be sleeping but I can't stop thinking about making a CIA themed clicker game in Elm


“the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) will leave the Universal Postal Union (UPU) on October 17, ending 144 years of U.S. involvement”

tl;dr if you’re not a giant corporation, sendings stuff internationally will get prohibitively expensive and small businesses will falter

@lyliawisteria I know the feeling :(

To cheer you up: I like the content you post on here, thanks for existing in the fediverse.

I normally try to keep my birdsite sharing to a minimum, but this thread slaps

it's a thread of post-9/11 news that shows that we were in the weird timeline way before trump. I would even go as far to say that reality has always been weird. The only difference is that the internet enables us to inject the inherent weirdness straight into our brains.

Highlight: a huge military exercise shows US losing, so they change the rules to make them win

Heavily recommending this episode of Marc Maron's podcast where he interviews Buddy Guy. If you have any interest in blues music/history and/or guitars. Buddy Guy is super charming and has lots of great stories.

Fuck man I don't know where I would be without xmind, it has become my favourite piece of software that I use on a daily basis. making tree structures of my thoughts works way better than just writing them down.

There's a dispute between physicists and archaeologists over ancient Roman lead artifacts (e.g. coins, pipes, weapons, etc. found in shipwrecks).

Archaeologists want them for archaeology, obviously. Why would physicists want them?

Because lead that has already been out of the ground for 2,000 years has gone through enough half-lives that there's almost no radioactivity left in it, making it the perfect shielding material for dark matter experiments!

Wild, right?

Shout-out to Affinity Designer for being a good Illustrator competitor without the monthly fee.

there is a practically infinite amount of amazing art on this planet, there will ALWAYS be something new to discover and fall in love with

i don't know how anyone can know this and not feel immense joy

Working with a good designer is so great, I love it when you get into an effortless brainstorming mood, and ideas just keep on flowing.

Just walked headfirst into a huge metal staircase while looking at my phone. Its a pre-smartphone building so they assume you look where you walk.

Control is a stunning game. I haven't been this obsessed since Breath of the Wild released.

Amazing environment art, every new door you open has something exciting behind it.

basically: It's immoral to
- be a billionaire
- take money from a billionaire
- help a billionaire to make more money / improve their reputation

Evgeny Morozov:
The Epstein scandal at MIT shows the moral bankruptcy of techno-elites

>The ugly collective picture of the techno-elites that emerges from the Epstein scandal reveals them as a bunch of morally bankrupt opportunists. To treat their ideas as genuine but wrong is too generous; the only genuine thing about them is their fakeness. The Big Tech and its apologists do produce the Big Thoughts–alas, mostly accidental byproducts of them chasing the Big Bucks…

Trying to plan out what I want with my life. recently realized that my whole self image is based on being useful to other people. I'm not sure what *I* want, just what makes other people happy in whatever context I happen to wander in. Not sure if that makes me a good person or not a person at all.

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