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music documentaries are the best thing to watch when it's late and you are sleepy.
it's such a vibe

(CIA agent feeling the pangs of a guilty conscious) Uh hello boss? I'm being attacked.. yeah some kinda invisible microwave.. yeah on the brains

Man, Tigran Hamasyan is something else, love how rhythmic his playing is, and how he quietly beatboxes with whatever genius weird shit is going on in his head.

Hello, Octodonners. It looks like Alice's patreon in support of our chosen instance has plateaued. Please do what you can to help our friendly neighborhood cyberpunk queen, @CobaltVelvet

Donating is grand; boosting this, even, will be helpful, to get the message around.

"bada- badada
ah badababoom
ah badababing"
โ€“ Kanye West

Say what you will about the guy but he truly has a way with words.

kinda obsessed with ai generated art atm, look at this cute zizek.

gonna try to make some time to play with this stuff because it looks fun as hell



Procrastinated on my procrastination side project by creating the worlds tiniest html templating language? :hhHHHAAAH:

["div", {}, [
["span", {style: "color:red;"}, ["hello.. "]],
["em", {style: "color:green;"}, ["world?"]],

it's just an array that turns into a dom tree in like 20 lines of code, honestly surprised how ez it was to write, js has gotten so good

get rekt react & suck it svelte, the future has arrived :alpha_dolan:

angular is so ugly, really? this is the best syntax for if else in you could come up with for your templates?

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