Imagine finding these babies in your black-site shed:
“In 2012 the National Reconnaissance Office, the folks in charge of designing and building secret satellites, found that they had a couple huge telescopes just sitting around in a black-site warehouse somewhere. So they did the saintly thing and classified them so they could give them to NASA to do something useful with them” from:

I just discovered that my favourite instant noodles contain palm oil. which means I can't buy them anymore. all nice things are cancelled.

Sometimes when I'm feeling down I listen to Gusty Garden Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy and am instantly reminded that life is good. It's amazing how much joy you can put into one song.

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The biggest scam of green capitalism is putting the burden and blame of recycling on consumers instead of producers and distributors who make and proliferate all the crap that is meant to find itself in a garbage bin 5 seconds after use to begin with.

Is everybody already over the fact that the new president of Nintendo of America is a guy named Doug Bowser? 2019 is WILD.

Can I borrow some work-ethic.
Mine is missing.
Procrastination is hell.

Listening to soundracks of games I sank 100rds of hours as a kid. I made me realize where my love for jazz comes from.
Shoutout to Jerry Martin for his work on the sims and sims adjacent games.

... Aunt Jemina could be safely used to bake pancakes or biscuits indistinguishable from the real thing in appearance and taste, other than a slightly gritty texture. With the proper detonator attached, however, the biscuit contained sufficient explosives to become a small bomb."

Currently reading Spycraft: The secret history of the CIA's spytechs, from communism to Al-Qaeda. It's full of amazing facts, that make me wonder what is possible with current tech:
"In one exceptional example of camouflage, Lovell's engineers began work in November of 1942 on a new type of high explosive disguised as flour. Eventually, DuPont produced fifteen tons of the granular explosive, nickname Aunt Jemina, for use by OSS in China. Designed to match the gray color of Chinese wheat flour...

Waking up and seeing the blood moon from my bedroom window, is a swell way to start the day.

Don't forget that all monsters respawn after a blood moon, stay safe everyone.

I'm obsessed by this performance by the Avishai Cohen Trio It's so hypnotic.

I know it's wrong but is deeply funny to me. Very hyped for the season finale tonight.

Best discovery for me in 2019: I write way faster when I outline in mindmap form. If only I could just send in mindmaps instead of real reports.

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We have driven away the evil spirits of 2018! Have a tranquil 2019

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