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I'm going through my google keep notes to see what I should move to Notion.

Found this gem:

>Skipping through time
>like a stone on water

Rewatching Community, love how they take normal sitcom tropes and extend them past every logical stopping-point. You can really see how Rick and Morty is just the sci-fi version of this approach.

"In your eyes I'm the enemy because I'm the edge of your world.
but when your eyes move past me,
they will _weep_
Tokyo is a machine, caked with blood, running on flesh.
I reduce you?
You will learn true reduction.
You will be as small as me."

I've never been much of a planner, but just rolled from one thing to the next without much thought. Now that I'm at a crossroads, I want to be more deliberate and use the skills I've learned to shape my life. This, of course, requires that you know what you want, which is kind of an an open question, as I'm interested in SO much stuff.

However, I reckon that I should be able to chart at least a direction and let the 'winds' (this is a sailing analogy now) carry me to whatever lies there.

Doing some career planning, in my new favourite tool: Notion

Starting with a list of things I'm good at to cheer me up (and to discover what I should communicate in my portfolio). Doing it in the form of a character sheet because I'm a giant dork.

There is probably some deception here as you can't really trust your self-judgement, but it feels like a useful exercise, I would definitely recommend doing it.

Feels kinda weird to post this because it seems bragging-adjacent

There is something really enjoyable about seeing amazing artists performing in a mundane space with cheap instruments

why are groups of old ladies so loud in trains, has science looked into this?

product recommendations / sad-posting 

From HN discussion - "This is why I use ad blockers and a pi-hole server" (

This is GDPR in action. Wow.

Just discovered Linda May Han Oh
and I'm absolutely in love with the opening track of this performance

its funny how most writers, of all levels, generally benefit from the same advice. treat your second grader like a professional writer, and you're their editor. emphasize that the first draft is probably gonna be crappy and that's a virtue. at least 5 drafts will make anyone a pretty good writer

Whelp my feeling of doom was justified, my boss is jumping the sinking ship.

fuck now I need to figure out what I actually want to be doing (and find a way to pay my rent)

and then it suddenly came to me: kirby space program

Now with beaches / deserts, first do a desert pass, adding deserts in low humidity places, then add plains / forest, and then do a final pass that adds beaches on the coasts.

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