Someone shared this wild chart of the Fediverse with me. Groovy 70's meets Tables. And 2009 and 2012 are missing? I'm in awe. How..

I often forget how much cool public domain stuff out there on the internet, last weekend I spent multiple hours just browsing art on, it's like you get to experience being a millionaire art collector but instead of money you just need time and free disc-space.

I found this cool collection of links to on wikipedia

drugs mention 

I ordered a bunch of online: some hallucinogenic truffles (which I've done before), salvia leaves & Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds (which are both new to me). So my weekend is planned out :brain4:

I'm glad I managed to break through my conservative Christian programming, because exploring psychedelics like this is very satisfying on both an experiental and intelectual level.

Also very thankful that this shit is (semi)legal here, because I'm way too socially awkward to do any kind of drug deal, and darkweb-shopping seems like such a hassle.

I've watched this video at least 10 times since yesterday. It is absolute perfection.

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I never knew I liked bluegrass, but this group is amazing, it makes me happy to be alive. The bass solo literally brings tears to my eyes, it's so beautiful.

created a bunch of vases from prints from a 1900's japanese design zine called Shin-Bijutsukai

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The process of making these kinda feels like how I felt discovering Word Art as a kid, blindly changing settings while not knowing english, and being very excited when you got a cool result.

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Having a lot of fun browsing and remixing public domain art while listening to podcasts. It's a lot of fun creating stuff without any pressure to make something good.

looks cooler in motion, its not the pixels that are completely off, but the almost black pixels making a cool green border around everything that has a really dark colour. I've reloaded the video and now the effect is gone, very strange.

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Spending the Friday working from the couch listening to bossa nova

Just discovered the music of Antônio Carlos Jobim and it has significantly improved my mood.

If you are wondering how things are going in Germany: Our special forces (think Navy Seals) have to be reformed and disbanded partially, because of “right-wing extremist incidents”. Oh, and they also lost 48k rounds of ammunition and 62kg of explosives…

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