Mercury is in transit at the moment (which means it travels between us and the sun), the next one happens in 2032, so it's reasonably rare. You can follow it live here:

The Outer Worlds Spoilers 

This site goes into a ton of detail about Hollywood UI's and how practical they are in real life. I read practically the entire blog while I was bored at work.

Warning: Rabbithole timesink!

Shout-out to one of my favorite places on the internet, the amazing bldgblog:

A really cool blog about architecture and anything else that is loosely connected to it.

Interesting fact of the day: despite the moon only being 1/4th the diameter of the earth it is a whole 1/80th the mass! But in terms of volume it is 1/50th the volume.

People don't realize how the relationship between diameter and volume is non linear. So it creates these very unexpected differences, especially at large scales.

#Space #science #moon #IFOD

I have a cool idea for a game that has been in my head for months and I finally have time to work on it.

Now I need to narrow it down in scope to make it possible to actually build it, because the thing in my head needs AAA level budget / skill.

dumb song i just invented about my phone 

Hello. The Hu, a band from Mongolia, just released a full album and its a banger. I recommend listening to their 2 singles: Yuve Yuve Yu and Wolf Totem.

Holy shit the hack in the last episode of Mr.Robot is so good.

:blimey: I just graduated with 8.5, which means I graduated cum laude and didn't sabotage myself even though I tried really hard.

Ok google, please only supply rats driving tiny cars content in the future. No other content needed. Thank you.

Is anyone else also incapable of practicing presentations? I feel like my best presentations have been the ones where I just winged it, but that might be delusional.

He typed, furiously working on his Very Important Presentation for tomorrow, having not practiced at all while everyone in his environment offered to help prepare.

*narrator: he'd made a huge mistake*

You learn something everyday:

Horse MMO's are a subgenre that I didn't know anything about. The biggest one Star Stable Online has 500k (fifty thousand!) active users. That is a fuck ton of people. There are probably so many undiscovered niches to discover of people that normally don't play games but who would love a virtual version of their hobby.

Oh man it's speed skating season, I love eating dinner while watching this shit, It's so relaxing.

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