last year I found a quite tasty variety of loose green tea at a local supermarket and just finished my first big packet of it. the packets are cardboard boxes with a big window displaying the loose tea for the drinker's contemplation through the wall of the plastic bag inside.

on opening my second package of the tea today, I finally noticed the slogan on the box:

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I strongly believe that the slogan on this package of tea is saying, "With our product you see what you're drinking, and it also makes you poop a lot."

German speakers, please help me come to an alternate conclusion! I cannot unsee this winking, highly scatological interpretation.

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@datn no poop. Where did you see the poop? It's "you look at what you're eating as well" but I don't get it anyway.

@communeva i'm saying that they're implying you will also see what you eat... when it comes out of you, after drinking their tea.

the implication seemed clear as day to me, but i could be reading too much into it.

but what else could they mean, since it's just tea?


@datn I guess it's more like caring and being informed. like the quality of your tea ist just as important as the quality of your food?
It's really a bit cryptic though. I like your reading but I'm pretty sure it's not that :)

@communeva that's fair :) it seems to have the extra mystery of being a translation from Chinese, or at least something formulated by a native speaker of another language.

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