I actually appreciate image descriptions more than I had anticipated. They explain to me why people have posted this picture or what is their specific focus, that is interesting. Often I learn that a picture is less self explanatory than I assumed.

@communeva I've followed @PleaseCaption and the constant reminders have finally got me captioning my images.

@communeva I also like how it is an opportunity to add another layer to your toot, for example a slightly poetic description of it, making you reflect on what exactly it conveys, a kind of mindful process...

@communeva I am sighted but still find image descriptions very very useful and appreciate that I can read them here (using Tusky). On Birdsite I can't and that's a loss.

@communeva @Virelai Picture is worth 1000 words factoid is actually the result of statistical error. The median picture is actually worth 50 words; Pixels Georg, who lives in a cave and communicates only through steganographic embedding of text within images, is an outlier and should have been discounted.

Me too!

I've discovered an additional benefit while I'm traveling and have slow/spotty internet access. The descriptions give me something to go on before the image loads.

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