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#2. Super real facts!
I am 35 and consider myself a working class academic, bisexual (or pan if you like), bigender, a nerd with (almost) no programming skills, a Gryffelclaw, a christian and a cat person. 2 longterm relationships (5/10 years) + 1 amazing roommate. Depression issues, Hypersensitivity, usually a bit tense.
I used to blog about sex, but haven't due to a burnout situation. I love analyzing people, DIY, especially building stuff, good bourbon and Hannah Gadsby.

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Intro toot!
Ich bin Eva, meine Lieblingsfarben sind gelb und rosa, mein Lieblingsessen ist Knoblauch und mein Hobby ist vorgelesen bekommen.

(mental) health, not great 

I managed to get myself completely exhausted and dizzy again by panicking.
But I think I'm better now. I managed to get some things sorted, I talked to people, I went for a walk.

This morning when I woke up, or maybe I was still a little asleep, for the first time I spontaneously thought about myself as "he".
That was a nice moment :)

Irgendwelche Bakterien in meiner Wäsche scheinen so mutiert zu sein, dass sie sich vom Wäsche Desinfektionsmittel ernähren, welches dadurch das Gegenteil bewirkt von dem, was es bewirken sollte?!

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Stokowski-Kolumne: Alkohol 

Mal wieder auf den Punkt gebracht!

Deutsche Trinkkultur: Das Saufen der Anderen

"Warum müssen Leute, die auf Partys keinen Alkohol trinken, das allen Leuten erklären? Es gibt etliche gute Gründe für den Verzicht. Aber man muss darüber keine Rechenschaft ablegen".

Maybe I could sleep longer if I cut out the coffee...??

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imagine meeting someone from fedi irl and they just open their mouth and make the mastodon notification noise

Best buy this year: bluetooth earphones so I can listen to music without disturbing the neighbors

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Ich möchte auch mal eine Folge-Empfehlung rausgeben: Bitte folgt @PleaseCaption

Warum? Ganz einfach: Jedes Mal, wenn du ein Foto postest und dabei die Bildbeschreibung vergisst, wird dich der Bot privat anschreiben und dich daran erinnern eine Bildbeschreibung hinzuzufügen.

Schließt keine sehbehinderten Menschen aus!

Pandemic diary 

I look out the window amazed that this is all true. It still feels like we've been thrust into a distopic movie sometimes. Right now it feels kind of exciting to be honest.
I don't know what's to come but at least we cannot go on with the "normal" we have gotten used to. Cause that shit was/is fucked up.
Now is fucked up, too, but at least people are recognizing it is. Feels like an improvement sometimes.

Just switched off the main lights in my room so it would feel more like a club when I dance

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I feel like this whole pandemic thing would be a lot easier if we had suitable apps coming with it. We would post screenshots of new achievements, progress and easter eggs.

“Dude, where did you get this cool accessory for your Pandemio?“
“200 day streak of no public transport use.“

“10.000 points already? Have you put on masks on other people, too?!“

“Would you like to visit me and inspect my new lab equipment? I unlocked PCR!“

“Pokémon stay“ would be an obvious option, too. #COVID19

Queen's gambit 

🙀 I know this place! I sat there plenty of times. I even gave a lecture there once!
It's a college where I used to work in Berlin.
I think I might have to re-watch the series so I can recognize more places!

Quarantaine diary, :) 

I went outside today and talked to like 10 people!! So exciting to meet real people!!!! 😁

Change, covid, climate 

I talked with my mom about her initial reaction to my covid concerns and she kinda confirmed what I already suspected: a lot of people react much less to facts than to what others do. When the 1st lockdown came she realized it was really serious. Until then she had considered me alarmist.
I think it's the same with climate crisis. People think as long as everyone goes on like we do it can't be that bad yet. Which is why I'm so uneasy with the way I lead my life right now..

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