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#2. Super real facts!
I am 35 and consider myself a working class academic, bisexual (or pan if you like), bigender, a nerd with (almost) no programming skills, a Gryffelclaw, a christian and a cat person. 2 longterm relationships (5/10 years) + 1 amazing roommate. Depression issues, Hypersensitivity, usually a bit tense.
I used to blog about sex, but haven't due to a burnout situation. I love analyzing people, DIY, especially building stuff, good bourbon and Hannah Gadsby.

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Intro toot!
Ich bin Eva, meine Lieblingsfarben sind gelb und rosa, mein Lieblingsessen ist Knoblauch und mein Hobby ist vorgelesen bekommen.

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Frei nach dem Motto "Code Gutes und streame darüber" haben wir mal ein paar Server zusammengeführt und eine Plattform für euch gebaut, auf der ihr Videokonferenzen mit euren Lieben unkompliziert, ohne registrierung, sicher und stabil abhalten könnt.

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Just saw a calendar with an abstract painting of an interesting feminist for each month. I love calendars! Didn't quite like the style though.
Now I'm wondering if maybe @TQ will make one some day :)

Porridge 😋 

Communication online, - 

Is there a simple free online (note)pad (like etherpad) but with a possibility for structuring the text, like tabs or chapters?

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Corona, XKCD comic 

Playing Sims 2 

Covid, ordering online, - 

Been to an office singalong tonight. That was really nice :)

Quarantaine diary 

Do you have any preferred videos you dance to?
I feel like that question is not clear.
How do you call it when you when you watch someone do a thing and you copy what they are doing?

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I found that video from the last boost very helpful

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Housebound advice from a long-term housebound person, boosts ok 

Corona, + 

Homeoffice day 1 

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"If we view ourselves as besieged victims who need to go into hiding, then we will cultivate fear and hoarding. If we view ourselves as a community working hard to protect the most vulnerable among us, then we will cultivate courage and helping. Mindset matters."

(twitter screenshot)

Quarantaine diary, food privilege 

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For the love of all that is good and holy.

Don't start fights right now.

This isn't the time to be a troll or a creep or a reply guy.

This is a time to be uplifting and communal.

I'm personally only planning on starting *anything* if someone is being outrageously unacceptable.

Little things? I'm gonna take a deep breath and step away.

I know everyone is on edge, even that person that may have set off a nerve. And so, I am choosing to be kind.

Please be kind.

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