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#2. Super real facts!
I am 35 and consider myself a working class academic, bisexual (or pan if you like), bigender, a nerd with (almost) no programming skills, a Gryffelclaw, a christian and a cat person. 2 longterm relationships (5/10 years) + 1 amazing roommate. Depression issues, Hypersensitivity, usually a bit tense.
I used to blog about sex, but haven't due to a burnout situation. I love analyzing people, DIY, especially building stuff, good bourbon and Hannah Gadsby.

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Intro toot!
Ich bin Eva, meine Lieblingsfarben sind gelb und rosa, mein Lieblingsessen ist Knoblauch und mein Hobby ist vorgelesen bekommen.

Berlin architecture history 

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@vicorva My husband sent me this pic of facebook and I would like to see your microfic take on it.

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Homelessness help, boosts+++ 

Family (+) 


Orrrr! The train is stuck, so is apparently every train going this way. :(( So I'm definitely late, I hope this is going to work out! @TQ

Good morning! I took the day off to go to @TQ 's art thing, which is going to be a bit of a journey.
I'm excited.
But also very sleepy right now.

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I don't like to read all the information.
I like people I like to read it and then tell me all about it.

I just realized that I have interpreted "sweater weather" not as "when it's appropriate to wear a sweater" but more specific as "when you can go out wearing a woolen sweater instead of a jacket" cause I love that period and it goes by so fast. Today is my kind of sweater weather.

Vacation, Fandom, yarn, consumerism 

I mean : I was on land, looking at ships. Gawd, why is communication so hard?!

TIL : you can get seasick sitting inside looking at ships moving. 🥴

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Vielleicht funktioniert das ja hier, gerne boosten:
Ich suche einen Job in #Karlsruhe, am liebsten Softwareentwicklung. Ich habe als letztes Bildverarbeitung (hauptsächlich 3D) + GUI in C++ gemacht. Auch wenn mir das Spaß gemacht hat, würde ich auch andere Dinge machen. Außer C++ kann ich auch Python und habe Erfahrung in technischer Redaktion und 2nd Level Support

Laptop (von der Arbeit) runter geworfen. Vom Hochbett. Yikes.
Scheint aber noch ganz zu sein!
Nur die Krümel sind aus der Tastatur gefallen :)


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Fedi generation poll, boost for maximimun demographic analysis

Fuck as a synonyme for destruction and hate, rape culture, nazis 

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on the term "sleeping with", mildly lewd adjacent, sex mention 

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