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#2. Super real facts!
I am 35 and consider myself a working class academic, bisexual (or pan if you like), bigender, a nerd with (almost) no programming skills, a Gryffelclaw, a christian and a cat person. 2 longterm relationships (5/10 years) + 1 amazing roommate. Depression issues, Hypersensitivity, usually a bit tense.
I used to blog about sex, but haven't due to a burnout situation. I love analyzing people, DIY, especially building stuff, good bourbon and Hannah Gadsby.

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Ich bin Eva, meine Lieblingsfarben sind gelb und rosa, mein Lieblingsessen ist Knoblauch und mein Hobby ist vorgelesen bekommen.

Confession : Often I don't follow people - even though I like what they write - if they post too often 🙈

Yup, this is me being pretty verbal after months of relative silence.

Fear is such a bad motivator, why am I still using it as one?

The moment when after thinking about it for years you are able to put it into words.


Reflection on depression 

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Warum heißt es eigentlich Iren, aber nicht Isen?

Probably going to cut my hair short again 

🌈🌿☔💧🌧️ Rain in Berlin! 🌧️💧☔🌿🌈

It happens so scarcely now we should make up a tradition to celebrate it.


Should I cut my hair short again? 

Dream journal p.s. 

Dream journal 

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So. Jetzt hab ich mal die ganze Recherche zum Thema Aussterben der Menschheit und Klimakrise zusammen gefasst:

Whew. Interesting night. Sometimes I surprise myself with how much I can dream in a single night.

Weird dreams (2), child birth 

Weird dreams (1), travel, anxiety 

Professionnal photo shooting at work. I'm really tired of smiling for at least the rest of the day.

Versehentlich eine Stunde zu früh ins Bett gegangen. Auch nicht schlecht...

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