@nein09 Oh wow!

I only recently discovered that the dahlia is the city flower of Seattle, and the national flower of Mexico. *And* the Mexican Consulate recently moved into a lovely old building on Broadway quite near Volunteer Park; lovely but without any sunny garden space. I wonder if the Seattle Dahlia Society has taken them a bouquet.

@clew oh! I didn't know either of those facts, and it'd be a lovely idea if they did that!

@nein09 I'd suggest it to them but suggesting work for other people is icky. And I don't have any dahlias growing this year, and anyway mine are nothing compared to the spectacular beds in Volunteer Park.

@clew I have quite good dahlias but I feel like it'd be weird coming from just me?


@nein09 There has got to be some reasonable way to do this other than joining the Dahlia Society and waiting for a year. I mean, the main thing I know about them is that they have maintained a spectacular garden for public delight for ?decades?, they probably aren't mean. Maybe I'll mail them a card.

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