This sounds a bit silly to ask, but what the heck clothing and such do I need for farming in the rain? I've just got plants to attempt to take care of, no animals yet. But I'm unclear about being out of the house in weather that isn't "cool and dry", "warm and dry", or "blizzard", as I have been moreorless a shutin for the last 15 years. (mental illness sucks)

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@bumblebees Sweat + mud + rain is a hard problem. Gore-Tex and other expensive fabrics handle water, but I ruined so many jackets with abrasive mud. In light rain, maybe just change hoodies all day. I like waxed cotton, which keeps me dry-ish and I can re-treat. (I bought a manufactured waxed coat but when it wears out I'm going to get a single-layer canvas jacket and wax it myself. )

Walking on or cultivating waterlogged soil will usually ruin its structure, so you can avoid some rainy work.

@clew waxing a canvas jacket is very interesting to me! Where can I learn more about this? I'm an anxious sort, and would like more details :)


@bumblebees Here's a writeup:

Rub wax evenly over non-fluffy fabric, warm it until it soaks in, it's pretty waterproof. There are waxes made for the purpose or beeswax or candle wax work. I like doing it in midsummer on a hot piece of asphalt, others do it with a hairdryer. You can re-wax spots as the wax wears off. Looks a little different.

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