I'm just going to put this right here and hope y'all do the right thing:


me and this bird have become friends. he's been over here hanging out with me as I've been taking apart the trampoline. octodon.social/media/kQgwLZ8FF

watching Betty White tell Mike Tyson to shut up is 😂

I have a cut on my hand. one of my dogs had been trying his hardest to lick it. apparently it's a dogs instinct.


today was a perfect day for a run.

maybe my phone being in Marlon's backpack is messing up the GPS. because it didn't record accurate distance.

@jdb have you been able to get​ any runs in this week?

looking like running is not in the forecast this evening... however, rain is.

@SuzanEraslan finished up taboo last night.. i wonder if they'll be a season 2?

hey... good morning... first time logging into and lo and behold IMAGES!

so I'm trying out and it is a very powerful and feature rich app for . it just looks like something out of Windows XP. like old school AIM clients or winamp. it just doesn't look modern.

I have been using and where as it's far more aesthetically pleasing it's just lacking the features of Subway Tooter.

maybe one day one will catch up with the other or another app will come along that feature the best of both.

so I'm through 5 episodes of and essentially plays the same character on it as he does on . but dang if he doesn't play that role well.

I need to go running. it feels way to good outside (73°) not to. but dang if I don't feel like just being lazy.

today i got some of the bushes that have started growing out of control trimmed, weed eated and mowed the yard. there is going to be very little moving from this spot the rest of the night.

87% humidity. I walked outside for a second and now feel like I just stood under a waterfall. 💦😓

We're having to upgrade our office products to 2013. It's been at the "finalizing installation. This may take a few minutes." Screen for quite a while now. I'm beginning to question the sincerity of a "few" minutes.

so i learned today that kiefer sutherland is a legit musician. i'm enjoying his album if you like the true old school country/americana type sound.

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