Website: “Please use letters, numbers, and special characters”

Me: *enters password*

Website: “Those characters are too special”

New :
Zettels Raum: Ein Gespräch mit dem Soziologen André Kieserling über Niklas Luhmanns Zettelkasten:

Using Windows 10? You can still get access to Ubuntu terminal, including tools such as SSH, apt and vim. Here's how!

Neneh Cherry’s visuals at Glastonbury crashed and rebooted revealing Windows XP and I can’t decide if that’s terrible or the most retro cool thing ever

Who thought vectors could be so fun? Boxy SVG is a vector graphics editor for non-techies and professionals. It comes with a simple interface, Pixabay and font integration, hundreds of shortcuts, and more.

snap install boxy-svg

Does anyone know if I can get fancy edge connectors like this one with fewer connections? I need 8 way and smaller. #makershelp

Did you know that you can separate two characters with a zero width space? Useful, if you need to refer to someone or a tag with a trailing "s" like "@chrwahl​s toot" or ​s.

Saw a really interesting presentation by @Downes at the Canadian Network for Innovation in Education meeting last week, and you can too! "The Third Wave: The Next Generation of Distributed Learning Technology." Slides and recording here:

According to my co-worker, people who use dark themes fall into one of three categories.
1) Bad eyesight
2) Developers
3) Serial killers
I'm don't consider myself a developer.

Why is Ubuntu so popular? This whitepaper examines six key reasons why the developer community turn to Ubuntu. #Ubuntu #opensource

In #KDEApps1904, Okular gets support to show and verify digital signatures on PDFs. This feature is essential to use KDE's document viewer for business or if you need to exchange documents in any official capacity... like when negotiating international peace treaties.

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