writing little book summaries / gimmes for the books I have listed over on bookshop.org. why didn't I start keeping this list years ago?

Slack is for that one awesome slack with all your friends on it.

Peach is ultimate refuge (at least until the client or the service finally stops working), as well as dumpster for book reviews of all the genre trash you read.

Twitter was fucking great one hundred thousand years and two thousand miles ago.

LinkedIn continues to be whatever it is.

When you actually want to "talk" to someone, you text them, like a god damned animal.

These are the things from your life.

Trying to remember how to use social media, with this amazing image from (I believe) the Texas Chili Parlor some years ago, when travel was a thing and not all rectangles were snapped to grids.

Today's activities: take the boy and his cousin to go play, fuss over the baby, and design a new business/job search stuff.

Sitting on the porch above a nice summer high tide and watching the Maple Fire smoke obscure the mountains. It’s undeniably beautiful, at least from this distance. I don’t know how to feel about that.

Whee it’s my approximately bimonthly hike across goddamn Houston goddamn airport

Today’s airports: TPA, IAH, SEA. Tomorrow: tidelands to GTFO all the smoke.

Rounded rectangles are great. Let's have more of these.


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