Hey, if you're in school and are having trouble paying for your textbooks, search them up on to find them for free.

I'm realizing that a lot of people at my college don't know this and are skipping meals to afford overpriced textbooks, so it may help someone on here too.

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@chloecat @witchy feel it is important to point out that libgen is blocked in the EU so it's worth having a VPN if you can afford it

pirating textbooks 

pirating textbooks 

That's amazing!! Thank you so much for showing me!! I can't wait to link some of my classmates to it lol

@chloecat I've saved hundreds of dollars with this! It's worth saying too, your mobile phone camera is probably good enough to "scan" in your physical books too!

@chloecat It might be that I just got lucky but I have been able to find a few textbooks by googling a random phrase from a textbook in quotes, eg

@chloecat Thank you. A friend tipped me to and I didn't bookmark it, or I forgot about the site because I'm not an academic. I do find it very useful.

Pirating textbooks 

Pirating textbooks 

@chloecat in my department in college there was a google drive that had all the textbooks for all the courses in it and we just shared the link around

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