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that "what's a computer" ad is such bullshit. an ipad doesn't let you browse the filesystem, set DNS values, or even install a shitty theme without jailbreaking it, which voids the warranty and apple is constantly fighting against it. if tablets are the future then the future is a nightmare.

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remember that time apple didn't deprecate everything? me neither

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PSA: if you’re a Pokémon nerd like me the rare berry mystery gift is live in sun and moon.

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2019 is the year of the linux desktop in the internet zodiac

people born under the sign of the linux desktop are more likely to have issues with the status quo, try to do everything themselves, and believe in the impossible

Did I mention I got Monster Hunter: World and it’s such a time suck. It’s fantastic. I’m so lost in it. I went from kicking some giant chicken’s ass for some pretty gear to catching a small hopping amphibian as a pet.

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me: communism
me: uh
me: post-scarcity
them: oh, sounds grand! tell me more

That feel when it's late at night and all you can think about is quantum chromodynamics. I've been watching videos from PBS Space Time and I'm absolutely enamored with it.

Currently trying out the browser, Vivaldi. I really like that I can add Mastodon to a web panel on the side for easy access.

It seems like every time I come back to play Skyrim after a break there's an update and it breaks everything. Just a little annoyed that have to keep updating my mods all the time. Would be nice if Vortex had an auto-update feature for mods tbh.

That Good Place mid season finale oh my god what a cliffhanger.

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Before the internet was widely available, virtually ALL of "online" was volunteer run (BBSes).

Commerce is not necessary for online community, and as far as I can tell it has only ever been a detriment.

It's one of those days where I'm spending all my time diagnosing why Windows has decided to suddenly stop booting.

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*very smart idea person at nintendo voice* hey remember when mario took off his hat in 64 and sunshine sometimes? and it made his head look really weird? what if that's the whole game

I tried to resize the width of Whalebird to something that felt comfortable (read not very wide) and the whole thing got wonky. Not very responsive design.

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